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How Do I Start a New Chapter?

Are you and your key referral partners looking for a proven process to start a lead sharing group? If so, submit a New Chapter Application today to start a new neXco National Chapter!

  • Submit a New Chapter Application
  • Interview with neXco National (we will reach out to schedule an interview after we’ve reviewed your application)
  • Have your 4-5 committed leaders and 3 founding members submit a Leadership Application
  • Each leader will interview with someone from the neXco National team
  • Select a launch date/time and work with our team for 1 to 1 training to get your new chapter up and running!

Why should I start a neXco National Chapter?

Starting a new neXco chapter is a great way to expand your network and become part of an already established, engaged and thriving community of professionals who want to help you grow your business.  neXco values business professionals who understand the importance of being part of a referral network.  We offer a turn key solution, mentoring and ongoing support to help you build a chapter of like-minded professionals who become your centers of influence and are also a part of a larger community that aid you in achieving your revenue goals. 

How do I get started?

The first step in getting started is to fill out this New Chapter Application. Our Chief Growth Officer will set a time to speak with you 1 to 1 to learn about you, your desires to start a chapter as well as discuss features and benefits about neXco National, our chapters and our community and set up an action plan to help you launch your new chapter. 

What are the requirements to launch a new chapter for neXco?

Each neXco chapter needs to have 5 committed leaders and 3 founding members to launch.  This nucleus of business professionals will be the foundation for your chapter. Each leader will fill out a leadership and membership application and then interview with neXco National corporate.

What are the time commitments for leadership?

Depending on your leadership position, you will invest 3-6 hours of time per month (outside of your twice monthly chapter meetings and 1 to 1s) to chapter planning and growth. We provide job descriptions, training and ongoing development for all of our leaders.

Whats the ideal leader for a new chapter look like? 

neXco National is a networking community created with the sole purpose of helping business people grow their business as well as develop both personally and professionally.  neXco’s foundation is its people.  Strong leadership is instrumental for the health and growth of neXco’s community.  We need leaders who will motivate and inspire others to reach common goals that will ultimately benefit all members of our community and our guests.  Check our our ideal leader profile here

Do you know someone who would be a great neXco Leader? 

neXco National knows that referrals are the best way to make quality introductions.  We are rolling out an incentive plan to those who can introduce us to new leaders.  This is a win-win-win for all.  We open new chapters to further increase our members’ network, we introduce more business people to our great community and you have the opportunity to make some additional money by introducing new leaders to our community.  Come learn more about our incentive program here