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Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce

For more than 60 years, the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce has worked to serve the business communities of the City of Fairfax and its suburbs. We are a small but growing Chamber of Commerce who works hard to meet the needs of small businesses to help them grow and thrive. Our work has been to serve as a “help desk” for the small business. Our benefits and programs are all designed to save our members TIME and MONEY. These include opportunities for networking, advocacy, marketing, education, and cost savings programs. 

“One of the values of the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce is collaboration and partnership. This is a shared value with neXco National. We recognize that building relationships is the primary avenue to successful growth. Being a part of the neXco community offers a phenomenal opportunity to expand our community and introduce the Chamber to many businesses in the area. Our partnership with neXco has allowed us to raise the profile of the Chamber in an area where there are a LOT of Chambers. The great icebreakers and masterminds also allow the Chamber to provide information and referrals to other businesses and give a “taste” of what a Chamber can provide a business. The bonus of the icebreakers and masterminds is that they also enable me to grow professionally and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the collective group.”

-Jennifer B. Rose, MPA
Executive Director