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neXco National is a networking community created with the sole purpose of helping you grow, both personally and professionally. Our community is built on a foundation of collaborative referral sharing chapters that meet twice a month. Each chapter is designed to provide members a structured setting that cultivates the development of authentic relationships which lead to the sharing and receiving of quality client introductions. You can also expect to participate and gain insights into your business through our interactive mastermind discussions, which have the objective of further developing your skills as a leader, entrepreneur and professional.

We look forward to you experiencing one of our chapters and welcome you to our community!

Vision: Our vision is to offer a premier networking experience and create a business community for our members that serves as a catalyst for growth.

Mission: Our mission is to serve our members through an ideal networking experience that cultivates an environment of personal and professional growth.

Values: We value Community, Collaboration, Leadership and Growth.

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neXco National was established by individuals who built their businesses through networking. The founders have first hand experience in growing and cultivating lasting professional relationships that have played an integral part in building their businesses.